About Us

We believe that your space should make you feel good, give you comfort, and reflect who you are. There are no rules on how you should decorate. There are no limits to what you buy. We believe in surrounding yourself with items you love, even if they don't exactly make sense. We aren't all working hard to navigate this crazy world just to live in a matchy-matched Sears catalogue display, are we? Nah, didn't think so. 

Vintage is about history, memories, and storytelling. It is about creating spaces and wardrobes that make you feel good and reflect all of the good things about your world. Our favourite thing about Shop Betty is the opportunity to connect with our community and hear your stories and learn about you, what you love, and why. 

Finally, vintage is good for the environment - a good thing to remember if you're ever on the fence about buying vintage. You're practically saving the planet. See? We've got all of your shopping justifications covered! 



I'm Melanie - I am one-half of Shop Betty. I live in the west-end of Toronto. My parents were hippies, and I grew up with Janis Joplin and Elton John, on vinyl, on repeat. Our house was in the country and was filled with antiques. Many items in our home were thrifted, handmade, and up-cycled WAY before it was cool. I hated it and announced one night at the supper table, and the wise age of 12, that I'd only have the most modern of homes when I grew up. 

 And I did until I bought a 1954 bungalow in Toronto and started creating a home for my kiddo. Suddenly chrome vases didn't feel homey, but quilts, crocheted afghans, ear-marked recipe books, silver teapots, and quirky salt-and-pepper shakers did. And so it started. 


I run Shop Betty with my mom, who is enjoying her retirement years, and rightfully so. She's got a keen eye and good style, and a wicked ability to strike a deal. And, let's face it - she grew up with the stuff, so she gives us the  "verified vintage" seal. Her house is filled with antique dress boxes from France, all-thing Catherin holm, and strange little knick-knacks. Each item has a story about some guy who sold it to her behind an alley somewhere. Yah, the stories get weird sometimes - but that's just how she rolls. 

My dad is our unofficial partner. Austin doesn't have the same eye we do (he'd like to sell y'all a whole bunch of fancy stuff), but he does have the patience of a saint, and he fixes everything we drag home.  

Shop Betty doesn't have a brick and mortar shop. We really prefer to do markets and pop-ups. We often refer to Shop Betty as the 'ugly cousin' at the markets. Whereas most vintagers have beautifully curated booths, we are all over the place with a wide variety of products. If we love it, we buy it. Our stock doesn't always make sense, but hey - that's the charm, right?


We believe in offering good quality vintage, kitsch and handmade goods at fair and reasonable prices. Our customers range from mothers and daughters who are picking wedding decor, to new couples on a mission to create their cozy love nest. We welcome hipsters, wardrobe stylists, old-time collectors, nostalgists, and set designers. Everyone is welcome here. In fact, the quirkier you are, the better. 

And that's about it. If you have any questions, shoot us an email. We'll answer at some point. Better yet - pop us a note of on the 'gram. We check that daily!