OK gang, I made good on my word that I’d try out the pumpkin bread recipe from the vintage box of old recipes I bought at an estate sale. And I did, and it was ok. Kind of bland for my tastebuds tbh.

So, I called my mom (as one does) to go over the predicament. I remember having a really good recipe when i was a kid. She reminded me about the recipe I brought home in grade 3 for Thanksgiving weekend. It was a school project. The sheet is long gone but she had written it out for her own collection. Excited, I had her send it to me immediately and I made it with my own kiddo. It may not be the one from the box, but it IS old 🙈 and it’s perfection.

THIS is why we need to keep the things important to us. It was a real trip down memory lane and it was super fun to share the memory with my mom, and the recipe with my own daughter. 🧡





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