We’ve been playing around with the idea of setting up retail space for awhile now.  Toronto is tricky,  the customers are here, but the retail space is way too rich for us. Our $20 items would have to triple in value just to make the rent! So, we basically want the biggest bang for our buck (and yours!), without all of the commitment. In relationship terms, we haven’t been looking for a booty call, exactly – but more like a friend with some fantastic benefits. (wink, wink)

It seems that if you throw it out into the world it manifests itself into reality. Giddy up, friends – we’re headed to the Danforth!

Picture from @nooksgeneralstore

We’re taking the path that many vintage sellers take. We’re renting a booth in a shop. It is handy because we get access to amazing customers, but the risk is still comfortably low. (We won’t be losing any sleep at night!)  But, what is different is the amazing concept of the space we’re renting. The Nooks is a small business accelerator designed for the likes of creative entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft. It’s a shop that is beautifully curated with handmade goods, gifts, and artisan foods – and they have just opened their door to vintage sellers with a space called “Back Room Vintage”.  The space is beautiful, soulful, and functional. The perfect post-brunch destination!

We are moving in this weekend and our goods will be available for sale on Monday October 30th!

Join us on Instagram Stories on October 29th, 2017 as we move in to our nook. We’ll show off the goodies that we’re starting out with in the shop!

Their deets are below.

Not a bad hook up, eh?



SUN | 11:00 – 5:00PM

MON-FRI | 11:00-7:00PM

SAT | 11:00-6:00PM